Great Grips

*Gloves* Great Grips Gloves for Men

Great Grips are just what you need for any project. They are made from supple, breathable pigskin leather and the Spandex back provides remarkable comfort and flexibility. An added layer of microfiber reinforces wear areas and provides improved cut, abrasion and puncture resistance. A grid pattern of silicone printed on the fingers, thumb and palm provides exceptional non-slip grip.

And now for women...

Great Grips Gloves for WomenWe have recently added our Great Grips Gloves for women. Superior grip provides improved safety for men and women when handling chain saws, axes, lumber, shears, cartons, hand tools, wheel barrows and so much more.

Did You Know?

Many injuries happen because either no safety equipment or the wrong safety equipment is being used.

Don't risk damaging your hands. You've only got two of them.

Make sure that whenever working with your hands, use Great Grips Gloves.

So soft, durable and effective that you can use them to carry your baby.