Glove Cleaning & Reconditioning

Glove Cleaning & Reconditioning


Reconditioning Your Used Gloves

Through the use of a special dry cleaning process, we recondition all types of work gloves. LEATHER, COTTON, TERRY, HOT MILL, PVC, RUBBER and NITRILE can all be processed without shrinkage and still remain soft, pliable and comfortable.

Each pair of gloves is cleaned, individually inspected, repaired and bundled based on your specifications. The cost is only pennies per pair compared to the cost of new gloves.

If you currently recycle, let a company that specializes exclusively in work gloves give you a comparative quotation.

To date we have reconditioned over 100,000,000 gloves!


Since 1975, Gloves, Inc. has been offering its customers services and schedules customized to fit their requirements. Try our services for FREE.

Gloves, Inc., will process a 30 lb. sample of your soiled and damaged gloves, with NO OBLIGATION. Contact us for a UPS pickup ticket. Your order will be cleaned, repaired, sorted and bundled with a written explanation enclosed for the work we completed. In addition, we will also pay the return freight - all at no charge.

Glove Reconditioning

Gloves, Inc. provides industrial customers with total glove service. We not only supply our customers with new and reconditioned gloves, but we also recycle their gloves for their own re-use. We are work glove specialists who work with companies such as General Motors, Lockheed and General Electric. Whatever their business or size, they save money by having Gloves, Inc. provide expert glove maintenance.

Most work gloves have a longer life span than is generally recognized. Frequently, they are thrown away once badly soiled or damaged. But Gloves, Inc. can recondition many of those gloves at a fraction of the cost of a new pair.

Purchasing new gloves can be a major expense. We help companies get the most productivity out of their glove investment by reconditioning their used gloves. To do this, we carefully clean, inspect, repair, match up, and bundle their gloves to save them time and labor. Our recycling process leaves reconditioned gloves softer, more pliable and actually more comfortable than new gloves. Clean, comfortable gloves promote good workmanship.

We also clean aprons, rainsuits, boots, coveralls, sleeves and other safety apparel. We clean and repair filter bags.

We know you are interested in reducing the cost of purchasing work gloves and other safety apparel listed above. Gloves, Inc. can help you do just that. Give us an opportunity to demonstrate our ability by sending us a 30-50 pound sample. (Please include some filter bags and/or any of the other items listed.)

Thank you for your interest in our gloves program. We look forward to serving you in the future.